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President's Message


Dear Colleagues,

I am honoured to be re-elected as the President of the ICS Singapore Chapter once again, having been the founder and first President of the society when I co-founded it with Professor Peter Lim in 1991. 


30 years has passed, and the ICS Singapore Chapter continues to strive to be the medical society that brings all the various disciplines together; as evidenced by our membership fold which includes healthcare professionals from across specialties.  The Singapore chapter is continually playing an active and important role on the international board with many of the Singapore fellows positioned in important international office of the International body.


As we enter the new decade, we are truly excited by the renewed energy of the ICS Singapore Chapter through the set up of various structured subcommittees and the recent appointment of a professional association management organisation.   The committees have planned the growth strategy of the ICS Singapore Chapter through a 6 pronged approach: 


1. Membership 

2. Partnerships and Collaboration 

3. Fund Raising 

4. Media / Public Relations 

5. Academic & Research

6. ICS Foundation 


Through these 6 core pillars, we hope to drive our key mandate to the next level ; to be the medical society that brings together all disciplines and to foster surgical excellence through education, training and fellowship.  Most importantly, in line with the direction of the international body, we have recently set up a subcommittee to look into our contribution to humanitarian work, to show our commitment to giving back to the society.


If you are not already a member, we welcome you to join the fraternity! 


Yours Sincerely,


Professor Christopher Chen 

President ( 2021 - 2024)
International College of Surgeons (Singapore Chapter) 

Former World President

International College of Surgeons 

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